The end of an era

2019 will mark ten wonderful years of celebrating the beauty of mountain biking and racing on the incredible trails found in Pemberton BC.

Stay tuned for a very special NIMBY Fifty
This one is not to be missed. It will be the last.

The Rules

You must have completed this race at least once in order to participate. Alternatively, you must provide a compelling reason why you haven't and why you should be.

The Date

Saturday May 25th, 2019 at 11am
North Arm Farm, Pemberton, BC

Priority Registration

Pre-Register here and you will receive notifications via email with race details as we release them.
You will also be given a priority spot to sign-up online once registration opens in 2019.

255 Character Limit. If you need more room, send your plea to bikerace AT

Please note, we cannot accept all pleas. Furthermore, we cannot respond to all pleas instantly either. You can expect to hear from us sometime in early 2019. Have a great summer and go ride your bike!

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Please note, pre-registration does not guarantee or grant you an entry into NIMBY FIFTY X.